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studio minerva

We create purposeful & beautiful designs by collaborating with premium lifestyle brands across the globe.

Great looking and hard to ignore is only half the battle, we believe design should also be the catalyst for the ‘big idea’. Agile enough to flow across all media yet tenacious enough that it can never be confused with anyone else.

We add value to brands through the following capabilities; Brand Creation, Brand Strategy, Brand Storytelling, Naming, Identity, Brand World, Packaging Design, Structural (3D) Design, Visual Merchandising, Brand Experience & Brand Guidelines.

Courvoisier Lantern case study

how to create long-term value?

Influenced by the strength and beauty of the Eiffel Tower our solution was a vsop metal secondary case in a rich gold with detailed die-cut lattice work. Once opened, the case can be used as a pair of candle holders to create a beautiful play of shadow and light, prolonging the brand experience at home.

Eve Case Study

How do we flip the category?

Truly great brands disrupt normal conventions, which is exactly what we did for eve mattress.
When others are talking of sleep, we made eve wide awake, bright and optimistic – from strategy,
big idea, naming and design.

Auchentoshan Bartender's Malt Case Study

How do you encapsulate the first offering from the 'New Malt Order'

A pioneering & ambitious project to further the brand’s Distilled Different ethos and engage the bartending community across the globe.

Both liquid & design are inspired by the bartender’s experiences during their time in Glasgow. Scenes of oxidising copper vessels and abandoned stations reclaimed by nature were key inspirations. A combination of texture, embossing & hits of copper all work together to create a disruptive & intriguing outcome.



Miller Harris Christmas gift Collection.

For Miller Harris’ 2017 Christmas Collection we collaborated with London based interdisciplinary artist, Julie Verhoeven.

The luxury perfume house was looking for a range of bespoke gift boxes that captured the essence of Christmas in a modern and disruptive way.  The start point for the designs was a vibrant piece of art commissioned exclusively for the project. Our task was then to extract and amplify different elements to create 4x distinctive gifts – each punchy, yet with panache.

“The ‘hat man’ illustration within Julie’s original piece jumped out immediately – full of charm and character we wanted to take this theme across the whole collection. His quirk inspired the opening of the boxes, the colours, the materials and the little surprise envelope in each box containing a selection of Christmas hats, spreading the Christmas spirit a little further!” Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian, Founder & Creative Director, Studio Minerva.

Courvoisier Gala Case Study

How do you celebrate the past whilst driving future innovation?

Courvoisier was famously served by Gustave Eiffel to toast the
unveiling of the Eiffel Tower at the Grand Exposition of Paris in 1889.
Inspired by the original club at the top of the tower, Courvoisier Gala
Club captures the true spirit of celebration and innovation.

House of Hô Case Study

How do we create a true brand world, one where you can walk in and savour a unique experience?

Working with Caprice Holdings of The Ivy Restaurant fame and renown restaurateur Jeff Lim, Studio Minerva created a premium brand identity & restaurant interior for The House of Hô.

Fortnum & Mason Case Study

How do you declare your unwavering love?

Through poetry? The birds and the bees, beautifully captured in verse by Coleridge nearly 200 years ago. Or were they? The true origin of this much-used phrase remains a mystery but hopefully true love will be easier to find. Inspired, we crafted a range of beautiful Valentine’s Day chocolates for Fortnum & Mason.

Laphroaig Lore Case Study

How do you communicate premium without an age statement?

Through story. With so many whiskies moving away from age statements, a story and name that are ownable, truthful and meaningful is the way to cut-through.

penhaligons case study

How do you develop a collection that will continue to surprise and delight?

For Penhaligon’s Trade Routes Collection it’s down to great storytelling through intricate design details.

Inspired by the lavish & decadent commodities that were traded through London’s docks at the turn of the 19th century, we have developed two fresh new fragrances born from the mysterious and exotic style of the Middle East.

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