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What’s in the box?


It all started with Amazon of course. Before long plenty of trend documents were talking about ‘curation brands’ that took away the hassle of choosing what shirt to buy, wine to drink and suchlike. Now it is becoming a bit of a phenomenon – there are around 600 different kinds in the U.S. typically ranging from $10 to $100.

I guess this is a fairly new and evolving kind of brand packaging design. It fulfills the essence of what a pack is supposed to do – protect the product. But it is also kind of a mystery package – half the fun is in opening it to find what treats have been ‘curated’ for you this delivery. So the outer pack kind of works like a shop front for the brand doing the curating. Does it have to be consistent? Should it continue to surprise and delight, or (like Amazon) just get on with it ? Will the flexibility of digital printing allow such packaging to be genuinely targeted at the recipient? Would the recipient appreciate it if this happened or feel ‘invaded’?

The simple point is that this is a relatively new phenomenon. And while many of the designs currently go for fairly basic bold branding, the likelihood is that things will become more nuanced or boldly creative. This packaging doesn’t have to sell on shelf, just reward the original purchase and commitment. It’s creating a very direct relationship with the individual consumer. Time will tell how it will evolve, but it’s going to be interesting to watch…



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