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The Graduates


It’s that time of year again. While those who have ‘’made it’ in the ‘creative industries’ pat themselves on the back in Cannes, a new generation of students are putting up the shows which they help will launch their careers. One might argue that theirs is the more vital and interesting celebration of creativity. Because the future belongs to them.

How lucky we are to have all those talented souls committed to doing something new, and fresh and god knows what. But for certain out there right now is a young mind or two who will re-write the rules, and inspire us all.

I graduated in 1989, and it was a very different world. Nothing in my A0 portfolio had seen a computer. It was expected that one should turn up to interviews in a rubbish cheap suit. But the same sense of beating pavements in hot weather, screwing up the nerve to give good interview over and over again are probably little changed. It’s scary and empowering in equal measure. I do think this year’s graduates have it far harder than my generation, in terms of competition and financial challenges. But I also think this makes them stronger, and overall a sharper bunch than mine was.

Minerva wish every last student the best of luck pursuing their dreams, doing the things they love, and finding the life that makes them happy. It’s a brilliant business, from the beaches of Cannes to basement of some small agency yet to hit the big time.



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