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Six Senses: Touch

When working in luxury design, we always find ourselves in search of new vocabulary to express our design intent…
The term ‘feel’ is an understated and yet under-used word in reference to graphic design and is almost entirely applied in a functional manner. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it in two ways; 1) to be aware of (a person or object) through touching or being touched, and 2) to experience (an emotion or sensation). At Studio Minerva we make it our priority to consider both the emotional and the functional ‘feel’ of all the brands we work with. 
One of our favourite examples of this is eve Sleep – a category in which ‘feel’ is a really big deal.  For us it was important to create an identity that flipped the way consumer’s felt about the category as a whole, with vibrant colours and a tone of voice that made them feel ‘wide awake’ rather than sleepy or bored. To support this our packaging solutions were intentionally simple with a clean and soft–touch in order to reflect the quality of the mattress itself. And it seems to be working. eve Sleep were recently voted Britain’s No.1 start-up by Forbes this year….now that’s a good feeling!


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