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Six Senses: Taste


Creating a sense of taste through design is one of the many opportunities brands can utilise in order to gain standout in an increasingly competitive world. Engaging consumers taste buds through lavish finishes that simulate the taste experience or paired back aesthetics which hero the product are now an integral design function in order to drive differentiation at the point of purchase.

Auchentoshan’s Bartender’s Malt series is a pioneering & ambitious project that is all about the taste. With the first edition launching in 2017 it is an ongoing project to further the brand’s Distilled Different ethos and engage the bartending community across the globe.

Following their success in the New Malt Order cocktail competition, a collective of twelve top bartenders were invited to Glasgow to work together in crafting the perfect Auchentoshan malt – for Bartenders by Bartenders.

Inspired by the bartender’s experiences during their stay in Glasgow, the resulting liquid was layered, complex & 100% unique. Scenes of oxidising copper vessels and abandoned stations reclaimed by nature were key inspirations for both the liquid profile and the final pack concept.

Disruptive & intriguing, just like the whisky.



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