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six senses: Sound


As you walk down into the catacombs of the new Tate modern tank rooms, you hear a cacophony reverberating off the walls of the concrete chambers. The sound builds until you enter a circular room with an inner circle of speakers.

This is Janet Cardiff’s 40 Part Motet. It is an audio installation, re-working the sixteenth-century choral composition by Thomas Talli. Played on 8 sets of 5 speakers grouping the different vocal ranges: bass, baritone, tenor, alto and soprano. The piece allows you to circle the space, hearing each flawless vocalist – until sinking into the centre, where all parts come together in ethereal song.

As humans we judge things by how they look often neglecting our other senses. At Minerva we employ sound as one of our tools in our arsenal, for example: the rip of the the foil as it is unravelled from the champagne bottle, the uncorking of an aged whiskey decanter, the glassware etched and shaped to harvest the noises in your drink, and beautifully crafted boxes that amplify the opening sound. All these touches are intensifying the brand ritual – immersing consumers through their senses.

As with the precision of artist and chorus, all the elements of packaging come together to form one beautiful orchestra.



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