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Pucker Up!


As you will doubtless be aware, yesterday was national lipstick day in the U.S. This was is of course intended to give lazy writers something to post about. And in that spirit, here are a few random design notes inspired by the topic…

Chanel’s latest sticks achieve the holy grail of brand design. They are ‘remarkable’ – that is to say a friend had to pull hers out to remark to me on the super cool click mechanism. This is design engineering at its most sexy and persuasive.

Speaking of ‘remarkability’ it’s received wisdom that social comment can break as well as make a brand. But arguably all publicity is good publicity. Queen Elizabeth the 1st popularized lipstick. But Queen Victoria aimed to shame its wearers, saying only prostitutes and actors used it. However, proving the evergreen appeal of cheap glamour “We’ll have some of that” said the twentieth century. So via Hollywoods helping hand it’s now a product selling around $2.1 in the ‘states alone.

Speaking of cash, there is a so-called ‘lipstick index’. When recession bites lipstick sales rise, as it is an affordable luxury for those with an eye for a designer bargain.

And finally, speaking of keen eyesight, is lipstick proof that when it come to design women are the stronger sex? There are far less colour-blind women than men, and they typically show a more nuanced grasp of colour in research. Consider the bewildering (for a man) range of shades available. If this was a male driven category I reckon we’d have about 3 choices – red, not red, and it’s kind of red.



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