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Paris the city of light

In reaction to our throwaway culture we are seeing an increasing desire for permanence in design; for loveable & durable packaging that can long live on after our products have been consumed. 
Disposability, once only associated with low-cost items, has crept in to every aspect of our lives and it’s beginning to play on our conscience. Consumers are now starting to seek longer-term value from their packaging, which brands have rightly spotted as a commercial opportunity. By producing secondary packaging that lasts longer, our brand experience can be extending beyond the shelf life of the product, further nurturing our relationships and overtime increasing brand loyalty.  
Earlier in 2016 Courvoisier briefed us to create a unique and sophisticated outer packaging solution for global traveller’s that would reflect their Parisian heritage and be both purposeful and beautiful. Influenced by the strength and beauty of the Eiffel Tower our solution was a 1L VSOP metal secondary case in a rich gold with detailed die-cut lattice work. Once opened, the case can be used as a pair of candle holders to create a beautiful play of shadow and light, prolonging the brand experience at home.
“The elegant lantern marks the next chapter in Courvoisier’s long history of excellence and luxury, demonstrating the contemporary approach expected from a brand that has always been a pioneer in its field, from the 1800s right up to the present day,” Michael Cockram, Global Marketing Manager GTR, Beam Suntory.


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