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Luxepack Monaco 2016

Designing luxury packaging no longer means just adding more gold; careful consideration of the subtle details can also create exuberance. You can see this reflected in the trends of luxepack Monaco 2016.
Experiencing a luxury brand is exactly that, an experience. This process should be accentuated to build a lasting connection with the consumer; a connection that triggers all of the senses.
When unwrapping a luxury product, whether purchased online or in a retail space, the experience should be an interactive-expression of the brand’s premium positioning. Luxury packaging should evoke a sense of joy in the consumer, special in the knowledge that someone has poured time into every small detail. From the weight in the hand to the the smell of the materials, the experience should set all of the senses alight. 
– Kurz have been working under a microscope on their new micro embossing technique – layered embossing on top of foil creating ultra fine refractions of light
– Winter & Company are known for their unique papers and they do not disappoint with their new metallic soft touch range which create surprise and delight in the hand 
– Stölzle Glass Group were boasting a range of packaging awards this year and their passion for innovation was on display via a new and distinct range of glass finishes including a galvanizing metallic spray which sets in to unique patterns on every pack 
As designers we no longer have any excuse to focus our efforts entirely on how a pack looks. Luxepack 2016 reaffirmed that by using materials and print techniques as a conscious & considered part of the design process we have the ability to surprise and delight at every point of interaction with the brand… now we just need the briefs!

James Cann, Designer



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