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Ice Bar


The Eis Haus bar is seriously cool. Literally. At -8 degrees and housing 10 tonnes of solid ice structures, with hand carved ice-tumblers of warming winter whiskeys, vodkas and dark rums, it really is the best place to chill out.

For 12 pounds you get an hour of time and a complimentary drink to accompany you around a mesmerising den of world class ice sculptures. Although provided with plenty of cosy layers, any longer and our casual ice-gallery-vibe could have easily swung in to more of a Revenant-style encounter with the elements. So although the experience  & the drinks were both cosy & warming, we were also glad they were short and sweet.

As our hands defrosted in the pub afterwards, we did ponder if The Eis Huas was a missed opportunity for a sprits brand collaboration. The experience is intrinsically linked to drinking and a brand with the right positioning could have harnessed this to their advantage.

As Rob Sharp at Pulse so aptly captured it, “experiences build trust, belief and appreciation of brand values and product truths through authentic brand experiences. We believe a brand has never truly defined itself unless it has people coming into it, feeling it and experiencing it. Three dimensional real world experiences add colour, depth and resolution to otherwise distant and contrived brands.” Although Eis Haus was a unique, fantastical & memorable experience it’s not somewhere we will be visiting with any regularity.

But had it been linked to a true brand story, the experience could have reinforced or even built our affinity, loyalty and encouraged brand-trial. The number of brands investing in experiential marketing is on the rise on a global scale, with the UK predicted to see a 40% increase in 2017. And we think The Eis Haus could have been an easy win…

A missed opportunity, that’s not to be missed.



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