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In the face of adversity we’re all encouraged to come out fighting. To resolve things now, here, today. To hide our faults. Put on a brave face.

But occasionally the honesty, humility and courage in accepting your fate for what it is provides greater relief to you and even more admiration from those around you. We can’t always provide a quick fix, we can’t always be in control.

So when the Carrs Water Biscuit factory in Carlise became flooded last week, no doubt they did everything to fix the situation but they also accepted their fate. Knowing that time is needed to properly rectify the situation they turned a bad thing into a good one and published the following letter in yesterday’s press. If only more brands could be as honest, ironic and self-deprecating. We’d love them all the more for it.

‘Oh the irony.

Heavy rain has taken its toll on our community in Carlisle. And like many we have experienced significant damage.

‘We’ve scoured the country but have been unable to find a brick oven that delivers the same unique Carr’s taste you love.

‘Unfortunately this means that for the next couple of months our water biscuits will be missing from dinner parties and absent from your cheese boards.

‘We’d like to thank our teams, who are working tirelessly to get your favourite water biscuits back on the table.’ 



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