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Brave New World


“May you live in interesting times,” runs the apocryphal Chinese curse. Well, we do; and it feels like a blessing.

Digital technology (printing, online retail, A.R. and so forth) is enabling the once rather cumbersome discipline of brand design to operate in a decidedly more agile and real-time manner. Having personally spent a quarter of a century working on projects that are single-minded, unwavering and scheduled for launch a year or more hence, the creative opportunities now opening up feel incredibly exciting.

It’s partly why we’ve set up our new agency. Because helping to figure all this out is inspiring and feels like fun. Over subsequent posts I’ll try and be a bit more specific about what we find interesting in this new landscape. But the bottom line is simply ‘what a brilliant time to be practicing!’ – With the potential of design being taken more seriously, with nobody truly knowing where things are headed, and where every day confounds what we think we knew to be ‘the rules’.

The foundations of effective work are timeless and unchanging – the value of a good idea, the importance of craft, the need for tenacity and rigor. But oh, what fantastic new things we might all build upon these solid foundations. I think we’re all privileged to be working in such interesting times.



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