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Beautiful Differences


If you like people, and reading, and stories I would recommend picking up a copy of The Moth – 50 extraordinary stories. One of them is from Aimee Mullins, the athlete, actress and model. Her legs were amputated very young, and her story involves a steady shift from getting used to prosthetics and ‘looking different’ to working with diverse people to innovate some amazing alternatives and celebrating who she was. You might be familiar with the work she did with Alexander McQueen.

Anyway, her tale concludes with her meeting a six year old girl who took inspiration from her example. “She was proud of it (her new leg). And the marvelous thing was that this six-year-old understood something it took me twenty years to get, but that we both did discover – that when we can celebrate and truly own what it is that makes us different, we’re able to find the source of our greatest creative power”.

Beautifully said…



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