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Batches of summer


It feels like summer is well and truly on its way, nature is blooming – one can’t help but feel happier. But in Freud’s 1915 essay ‘On Transience’ he opens with an anecdote of a walk with Rilke (poet), who can’t help but notice that all this beauty is destined to disappear; “like all human beauty and all the beauty and splendour that men have created or may create.” A very cynical view we agree, however it does make you consider why we value temporariness. It explains why we want to seize every drop of sunlight.

We see more and more brands using this belief, creating beautiful objects of desire in limited batch runs sold at underground pop-ups with your name on. Just take a look at Our City vodka, moving from city to city creating batches as they go, using location as a measure to achieve scarcity.

Does this really add value or is it taking advantage of ‘FoMO’ (fear of missing out); latching on to our primitive instinct to obtain limited resource? we don’t recognise it on such base and cynical terms, as limited editions often target their own consumers who are already aligned to the brand – they want something truly unique that won’t be around tomorrow. As the old saying goes: “Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” Alfred Lord Tennyson



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