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A Toast To London

Today we are reflecting on how lucky we are to live in such a vibrant and spirit-loving city.
London’s bar scene is booming. The varied interiors, plethora of bottle structures and ever-innovative label designs are a constant source of inspiration to us.
But are we in danger of having so much choice that we are baffled into indecision? Thankfully a new breed of bar staff is also on the rise. Knowledgeable, discerning and eager to educate these people are really making the difference. Here’s a couple of our favourite places to combine learning with drinking.
For Gin: Our local gin-parlour, Mr Fogg’s Tavern, now sells over 300 gins, 25 tonics and an impressive array of complimenting botanicals. With a member’s club feel, the resident ‘gin-oissuers’ are on hand to give you personal recommendations to match your mood and your palete.
For Whisky: The spanking new Black Rock – from the same people behind the Whistling Shop – opened early last month and is the latest and most intimate of Whisky bars to hit town. With a resident ‘roaming barman’ the aim is to inspire and educate, removing the stigma and encouraging guests to rediscover an all-too-often inaccessible spirit. If that’s not enough, the centrepiece is an 18ft, 185 year old Oak table that delivers aged-whisky cocktails straight to your glass. Seriously impressive.
Please drink responsibly.




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