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A little more time


Science nerds will no doubt appreciate todays Google Doodle. It celebrates Boolean logic. It’s well over my head, but that isn’t hard. For design nerds it offers something else – I think this is the first time the new identity has been ‘doodled’.

I think it looks great, and can’t wait to see more of its kind. When one looks at the first Google Doodle now it looks so incredibly dated and a bit rubbish. However, as late as this weekend Google was doodling with its more familiar ‘hand drawn’ feel. So I am wondering – will this massive brand continue to present itself in a visually incoherent way (which I think is pretty cool)? Will moving to cleaner lines of the new identity lack a little soul, and feel a bit more ‘USA Today’? Will the new design turn out to be flexible enough to keep being made over in ways that surprise and delight? Time will tell.

Which brings me to my point. In the Internet era of armchair critics slamming anything the moment it appears through social media, being a designer can be a bracing experience. Judged less by ones peers than by a bunch of people who often seem to have more vitriol than wisdom. This means good designs are often trashed in their first few weeks. Some brands even revert to their old look. But anyone who is really ‘in the game’ knows the mark is just the start. It’s what is done with it that counts. We should all learn to relax a little and give things the breathing space to grow into their looks.



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