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5 tips on your final year at Uni

You may have seen Ali on our Instagram at Norwich University of the arts prepping the final years student for the next months ahead. Here’s 5 tips how to get the most out of it:
Spending time in the studio – That eureka moment can strike at any time and come from anywhere, your work will be better if you’re engaged with your course & cohort, and hey after all you’re paying for it!
Listen – Your portfolio turns into a very personal labour of love, you’ve whittled ideas and crafted concepts but you may have gone down the wrong path… I can’t express the value of getting others to critique your work – when you’re close to a project you may overlook the most obvious details.
Back up work – Your back up work should tell a story of how you got from A to B and be logical in its navigation, I only showed off in an interview once, but It was one of my best interviews!
Dissertation – Contextualising your work is important and you should use it as an opportunity to strengthen you practice. Chose a topic which will keep you interested but also relates to your studio work to get the most out of this process.
Have an exit plan – You’ve got your degree in graphic design now what… start planning how you are going to get that dream job;  start drawing up a list of which agencies you want to work for and remember you don’t have to wait until D&AD new blood to start getting your name out there, why not introduce yourself now?


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